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By leveraging courageous science, creativity and compassion, we are dedicated to developing potential treatments for patient communities affected by vision loss.

Geographic Atrophy

At Apellis, we’re lighting the way forward

At Apellis, we are fearless in our commitment to addressing the high unmet needs associated with debilitating retinal diseases. We remain steadfast in our mission to develop potential treatments for people with these conditions.
Our journey starts with geographic atrophy.

Given the lack of available approved treatments, geographic atrophy represents the most significant unmet medical need in ophthalmology.1
Complement overactivation is strongly associated with lesion development in geographic atrophy.2
We are dedicated to leading the development of therapies that target the complement system, with the goal of slowing disease progression in geographic atrophy.

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We live by courageous science, creativity and compassion

At Apellis, we strive to be known for our compassion, revolutionary science, and contributions to humankind around the world. Our company is made up of people who care, are fearless in the face of a challenge, love the work they do, and continually pursue the highest level of scientific integrity.

Apellis was established with the ambition to become the first company to develop targeted C3 treatments for serious diseases driven by overactivation of the complement system.


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EU-CORP-2200001        January 2023

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